GP106-100 Preorder links?


Can someone help me with a preorder link for the GP106-100 GPU?

Thanks !

DM Me - I'm working on a group buy for NA - have contacts with MSI/Asus etc.

Would be interested in speaking with you, cannot for the life of me figure out how to pm/dm someone on this forums :wink: If this turns out to be a PM/DM, I am interested in groupordering some cards.

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No worries!

Please email me here -
Can provide you with all my contact details

Minimum order for this is 2 cards at $450CAD + Tax and shipping each.



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can you help me bro. ı needed 6 unit. but ı am not rich man. only needed 6 unit +90 546 836 31 21 whatsapp me

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You can buy from Romania and you need to order only in qty of 100 parts / 500 parts/ 1000 parts .
The price of 1 part is 285 euro for order qty 100 , 263 euro for 500 parts

If you order please use this voucher to have descount 1%

Are you still putting together a group buy on these? If so, I'll put in for two.