Any benchmarks for Nvidia GP106 & GP104?

Considering ordering a few of these, but would love to know how they’re doing, if anyone has tested. Thanks

the only person that I know that own some of those P106 is @cryptomined

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same as a normal 1060 6g
ill try to post a quick vid tomorrow if i have a chance

sorry im still way to busy with packing and shipping

GP104 probably wont be out for at least another month

Did you buy that tailor made case / MB with those card?
I see those review in China which show it come with a tailor made case with motherboard …

my eyes are blurry and im starting to black out… i need sleep bad

I used my own 6 GPU Frame

These GPUs are like normal GPUs, they are not like the ones used on those custom boards… though I can get those custom boards with integrated mobile CPU if anyone needs them.

Hey @cryptomined I have searched high and low to find a supplier for the p106-100 and have had zero luck. Are you planning on selling them yourself?