Has anyone sourced NVIDIA P106-100's yet?

I'm new here. Just officially mined my 1st full Zcoin today. To celebrate I considered looking for anothe GPU.
I was lurking around some Chinese Websites when I stumbled upon a Clone of a P106. It's listed for $369.00

Algorithm GPU miner, ETH, Zcash, and XMR are supported.
GPU Nvidia P106-100
Hash Rate 20MH/s for ETH mining
Status Brand New
Fan 2 x fan
Output Interface NONE
Customs Declaration US $90 declaration with described as “video card” for customs

Anyways, I have still found a few NVIDIA 1070's at Bestbuy for $399 every now and then so I'm not to tempted to order one...but was more curious if others have found any P106 cards floating around out there on the interwebs and it's series of tubes.

ive had them for a month or so now?
i tend to only source them for people i know and trust though
that being said, the price has dropped a lot since the day they came out.

Hi cryptomined,
how are you finding the gpu availability over in your neck of the woods? Has the price stabilized somewhat yet? I am in Australia and we are still suffering from shortages and extremely high prices.

Hey, @cryptomined
What miner did U use during p106-100 mining and what was the hash rate for ZEC Equihash? There are specs regarding Core: 1708MHz, but not core amount. I was not able to find that info, were U? Sure, price is much lower, but is it worth?

Are you sure you want the p106? I have some specs from that here >

mid 22's with claymore. temps ranging, upper 70's. Wattage ~ 75 per card.

They seem to be about efficient running.


So, 300 Sol/s against 720 with 1080 TI :slight_smile: I am happy with mine.

Thanks for the info everyone....Ed