GPU (1080Ti) <> PSU pin question


Noob question here. Hopefully, it won’t cause you nose bleeding or death.

I would like to power 2 x Nvidia 1080 Ti on eVGA 750 P2 power supply.

The 1080 Ti come with 8+8 pins
The eVGA 750 P2 comes with two (6+2)+6 and two (6+2) cables.


  1. is it okay to use only one 8+6 cable onto the 8+8 pin ? (some people seem to run 8+8 1080Ti from a single 8 stating it’s fine without causing damages Shocked )
  2. if not, can I use a 6pin to 8pin adapter with the 8+6 cable to make it 8+8 ? (I saw such adapter selling at Amazon)
  3. or should I use two cables to feed the card : one 8+6 which I’ll only connect with its 8 plug (and forget about the 6 plug) to the card, then another cable, 8 this time, to connect to the second 8pin of the card ? will that create over load and is wrong ?

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THe answer’s below are my opinion and how I have the multiple 1080ti’s from different venders setup

  1. No, if it is a 8+8 you need to use a 8+8 cable if that means running two different 8 pin cables then that is what you need to do. If its a 8+6 then (I do) use the single 8+6 cable

  2. You can, but make sure the gauge is THICK enough to handle it, and see if there are reviews about the adapter. I used one as a temp while waiting for the correct cables to come in.

  3. Using two separate cables will not cause an overload as long as its the correct pin count for each

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Option 3 :slight_smile:

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Thanks guys. I feel less ignorant :slight_smile: