GTX1070 with 2 8pins, will it work with a 8+6 pin VGA cable?

Hey everyone, Im sorry to open a thread about this, but I cant find this answer in the forums, and i have not tried this yet.

I have 1070s, they have 2 8pin connectors on them.
Can i use an 8+6 pin cable from my EVGA power supplies to power each card?
Or does the card need 2 full 8 pin connections?

an 8+6 pin is enough right, the extra 2 pins are grounds right?

Thanks in advance

I think that you will be able to run with only one 8 pin.
This cards doenst respect the reference design and dont need that much power

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hmm ok thanks, they do come with 2molex to 8 pin adapters also
if I were to use those, would they need to be connected to 2 molex cables or 1?

I guess that exta 8 pin is to allow for extra OC right?

This is marketing bullshit pascal GPUs are each good to overclocking and Gpu boost 3.0 throttle the card too earlier with the TDP.

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so shuld be fine with a single
no need to even use the other
kinda like the 580s

Yes normally it should be fine

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ok thanks, ill try one on a single and see if it works

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EVGA even do not have 8+8 pins VGA cable…
it is NOT exist in VGA PSU supplied…
even 1600P2 1600T2 , it NOT come with such cable…
they said 8+8 will over the PCIE specification…

I have to use 2 seperate PCIE cable to supply power for a single GTX1080ti OC model…

AX1200i and AX1500i do have 8+8 pin cables

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my Zotac 1080’s have 2 8-Pins but run fine with one 6 Pin and one 8 Pin

cool thanks for the info wish :slight_smile: appreciate it