Gtx 1080 ti aorus not enough vga cables?


I’m new to mining but i’m building a 6x gigabyte gtx 1080 ti aorus using a evga 1600 p2
The goal is to underclock the gpus to 200w to get best sol/watth, but i think im lacking of vga cables to power them since each gtx use 2x 8 pin connector and the vga cables that i have only have an 6+2 and 6 pin each so i would have to use 2 vga ports and 2 cables to power each gpu…

Can i use the splitter that came with the gpus to split the vga out from the psu into 2x 6 pin vga–>8 pin?

or buy vga cables 8 pin–>2x 8 pin?

or do i have to buy another psu to acomplish this?

great forum, first time poster, thanks for the responses

You used 6x gtx 1080ti very dangerous max used 5x to 1600w

I dont think its dangerous, ill be underclocking to 200w on all 6 so a total rig comsuption of 1200w with a 1600w psu. Im having a problem with not enough cables/vga outs…

Is very dangerous add one more power supply 600w minimum

be careful, in some situation, your VGA driver may be resetting and cards will operate by default clock settings with default TDP and just this PSU is insufficient for your rig …
I recomend two 1kW or 1.2kW PSU and this solve your cabling problem too

Exactly I use 5x sometimes tdp 210w 1170w max 1340

thanks for the responses, i was really hoping to use one 1600w psu and 6 gpu since i know that some people have this and have no problems but i think ill just purchase another 600w psu

I think that is good idea to invest for good PSUs… if you invested previously to great and not so cheap GPUs

Just make sure that the second PSU has enough VGA connections and cables included before you buy. I’m trying to build a 8x 1080ti and had to buy more cables to get everything connected safely, even with two PSUs.

Its a evga 1600w platinum so its good and definitely not cheap…

Anyone knows what if it the gtx will run on just 8+6 pins instead of 8+8?

And how to connect 2 psu? Do i need and adapter?

You need an adapter so that your second PSU starts when the first starts. I just ordered the add2psu adapter:

There are probably other (easier?) ways to link two PSUs, but the adapter doesn’t cost much.

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Don’t buy Add2PSU, just use one of these:


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The 8+6 pin won’t work on the 8+8 pin cards. Don’t use an adapter either. Adapters might not be rated for that usage and it’s a good way to start a fire. You’re basically forced to use 2x 8-pin cables for each Arous card. These cards perform very well, but I don’t buy them because of their power configuration.

Don’t mean to hijack the thread, but are there any benefits of using the add2psu compared with the cable you linked to? What are the difference, if any? I bought the add2psu as I had heard that it was the best/safest way to go. But in the end, it only comes down to sending a power-on signal to the second PSU, just like you would get with the cable, right?

No, the benefit of using the cable is that it’s cheaper. All it does is make a connection at the right time between the wires.

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you’re best option is to go to EVGA and buy more 8pin cables 1 from psu to a dual 8 pin for the GPU

using adapters is a buyer beware option, if the wire gauge isn’t correct you could have a meltdown/fire

Here is a link to the EVGA page for the cables

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Are you sure about the 6/8 pin? The adapter should be fine since it came with the gpu but i dont think im gonna use it…

How do i know which cables im getting in those packs? I cant explicit see anywhere the number of pins…

Edit2: i couldnt find any pcie 8+8 pin maybe there’s none compatible with this psu…

The adapters that come with the card aren’t meant to convert 8+6 cables into 8+8 cables. Those adapters are misleading. To be honest they shouldn’t ship them with the cards anymore for this very reason. There are also 8+6 cables for non-evga cables that aren’t meant to handle 8+6 GPU connections, they explicitly say to use two cables instead of one. EVGA’s P2 cables are rated for it though (which is why most GPU miners use EVGA PSUs).

They come in the package, if you click the specs:
Includes the following cables:

2 x 6+2pin PCI-E VGA Cables
1 x 6+2pin + 6pin PCI-E VGA Cables
1 x 3 Molex Cable

You would need to call them to see if they sell them separately.
Also to my knowledge what @root said is correct, only EVGA’s cables are spec’d for their 8+8 solo cables to handle the load. Just about everyone else you need two separate cables

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