GPU comparison, What will be better. RX480 or R9 Fury or R9 Fury X

Big Question.

What will be more powerfull.

5 x XFX RX 480 GTR

3 x R9 Fury X

5 x XFX R9 Fury

"5 x XFX RX 480 GTR

3 x R9 Fury X

5 x XFX R9 Fury"

5x Fury and Im willing to put money on it … if there’s takers

I just wonder differences between 1 xfx 480 and 1 xfx r9 fury
And what with PSU.
With 5 x xfx rx480 - 1000W PSU will be enought.
What with 5 x Fury ? :smiley:

5x Fury will need 2x1000w 80+ Gold
5x RX480 will be borderline on 1000w (depends on what cards) but fine on 1200w or 1300w

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You know anything about stock sol rate on fury ?
Now im confuse. ive got my budget but with 5 fury’s 2 PSU will expand that a lot.

Im on stock Claymore V4.0 doing ~100h/s waiting for Optiminer on Windows that will be closer to ~200h/s.

Power consumption will also go up if it hashes that fast.

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I’m asking because yesterday i just was close to buy 5 x xfx rx480
But now i’m try to find out how rig will be work with 5 xfx fury
I’m just afraid about PSU power and a litlle bit how much more power gets fury in coparsion to xfx 480 (stock values)
And how find best way to power supply for that 5 monsters.

164W RX480 TDP

275W Fury (non X) TDP

You will need to supply power from the second PSU to the 8pin leads on the 3xGPUs and run everything else from the first PSU.

You will need to jump the PSU or use something like this

I was thinking about something like this. 2000W.

You can use it yes, Its usually cheaper though to go for 2 power supplies.

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I’m so close to spend a lot of money for that fury’s :joy:
I just wandering what i can expect from rig using 5 Fury’s

Wait a day or two and I will upload screenshots

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I think i will wait, but now i just check that i can get 2 x SuperNova G1 1000W ‘80 Plus Gold’ for 2/3 2000W price.

So first just i will need plug 8 pins like normal and on 3 last gpu’s use second PSU and turn on second, and start from first with any problems?

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My EVGA PSUs come with a small plastic jumper that you put on the 24pin (safer)


Great! Thanks for help man, i wait for your test!

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