If power is no consideration

Hi everyone,

I am in a situation where I have access to free power and I'd like to take advantage of it. I know most miners are focused on getting efficient power production out of their rigs, but for me this is not a problem.

Are there known cards/setups that get decent hash rates but are generally not favored because of high power consumption? I'm hoping I can snag some hardware that isn't in vogue and take advantage of the situation.

1080, 1080ti, newest titan, Fury, Fury X, Duo Pro

and advice, do be worried about card temp, just because you have free power doesn't mean you should red line or near redline your cards.

Exactly. Running things flat out and overclocked ends up shortening life of the cards more, increasing the expense of power supplies, also creating a lot more heat. Sometimes it aint worth it! Usually efficiency is key. You may have free power but do you have ample/free cooling? If so, awesome! If not, your air con bill is gonna suffer big time.

Totally agree with @CitricAcid though, 1070/80/80ti are the best new cards you can buy, Fury / X / Nano / Pro Duo are the best second hand cards you can buy.

Thanks everyone

I do have free cooling as well, so heat isn't an issue. That said, I have burned out a GPU before so I know not to push things too far.

What temperature do you generally shoot for on your cards?

69-71 1080 and 75 on fury

I run
rx480 reference max 70
r9 furys max 65
r9 nano max 70
1080ti at max70
water cards max 60