Power supply requirements for RX 480

I noticed a lot of people recommending 1300w power supplies for 6 GPU systems.

If each card is running at 150 watts x 6 900 watts

12v amps on some of the EVGA psus I saw were over 80. I believe 89?

so at 150 watts / 12 volts is 12.5 amps each so 75 amps total. Shouldn’t I be able to use a 1000w power supply? I could use a simple 250w ps for the mobo/cpu hd since I have them laying around anyway.

is my thinking correct or am I missing something? What is the volt/amps on modded Rx 480s?

Thanks all.

I use 1200w on my rx 480 rigs. All stock settings. Works fine.

You forgot about the mobo, the processor, riser’s, any cooling fans AND power spikes! Also you should NEVER want to run your power supply @ 90% or greater or capacity, you are just asking for problems. You want to your power supply between 55% and 75% (sweet spot).

I planned on using a separate run of the mill 400w I have laying around for the riser, hard drive, mobo, processor. And keep the quality psu just for gpus

That was information you did not provide :slight_smile:

make sure you ground the two PSU’s together or you could have a short and lose one or both of them

Yup. I have an adapter that combines the ground and power on pins. Thanks!