GPU mining longterm perspective


As we’ve all seen recently the difficulty keeps increasing pretty fast as more people get into mining altcoins. I just got into mining a few weeks ago and now I’m buying 1 1080 Ti’s every month but I’ll probably switch to the GP106-100’s once they are out. I’m pretty disappointed on how things turned out but I guess this is all part of the game. I’m really questioning myself on how things will evolve, let’s say 6-12 months from now.
I see the growth in difficulty as a good strategy to start making more profit in the future because more and more miners will be scared, as they will no longer make profit and they will start selling everything.

What are your thoughts on this? Is it still worth to invest in mining?

If you believe in Zcash, and you are willing to take the risk to invest in some hardware, it might just be woth it in the future if you hold on to your ZEC’s.

Edit: So the future ZEC price is a giant factor here. And this will always be a big uncertainty. No-one knows how the market will react.