Zcash mining efficiency comes down

Hello everyone. I have noticed that Zcash mining efficiency came down. @ months ago with my rig with 4 gtx 1080 could mine 0.1 ZEC within 72-7-5 hours. But now it mines 0.1 ZEC within 120 hours. Somebody can explain what is the reason? AM I only having this or this is common?


There are now half a dozen new threads where people are noticing that zec mining difficulty has skyrocketed during the last month. Your mining returns have been cut by 30% or more and the price is stuck around 380 to 400

Yes you are correct. I can say even 40%. Is this because of difficulty?

Yes the difficulty has been rising drastically. From around 6.5m at the start of Jan to around 11m now. So yes 40% reduction in returns since then would be about right. Also to add salt to the wounds the price keeps dropping too :joy:

yeahhh correct. What do you suggest? Swithch to Nicehash or Eth? Also can GTX1080 mine Etherium?

You can mine almost an coin with the 1080. You can look at sites like coinwarz.com whattomine.com cryptocompare.com they all can tell you what is most profitable. You can switch around. You can even dual min. If you believe in zec long term you can mine and hold. There are many combinations. I used to mine zec exclusively until it became less profitable lately. But I mine and sell. So the most profitable coin for a day or 2 is best for me.

Thank you Daniel sooo much. Good luck to all of us.

People think its bad right now. If nvidia launches the 2000 series with a 30 to 50% improvement in hash rate, and the first stock is all bought by large mining farms, the difficulty will jump so high that the current 1000 series will become little more than paper weights. Some people will only be able to mine just to pay their electricity costs and have a bit left for coffee. Plus the market will be flooded with used 1000 series cards making the resale value tank hard. I think things are going to get extremely hard on us small miners very soon. The only saving grace will be in nvidia delays the new card till after summer. Thankfully my rigs should be paid for by May. Then I will have to see where I go From there.