GPU or Antminer?

I am getting pretty confused. It seems like some people say GPU mining is dead, but then I read posts that people are building GPU rigs.

If starting out today, what would the recommended path be? Build a rig with with a few rx480 or buy an antminer?

Im not sure if the L3+ can be used to mine zcash but it doesnt seem that expensive vs a GPU mining rig. What am I missing?

Zcash uses a unique Algorithm called Equihash. It is completely different than the SHA-256 Algorithm used by other coins such as Bitcoin and Doge coin.

An ASIC like the Antminer will not work with Zcash due to the higher memory (RAM) requirements.

Ok, SO if my plan is to mine zcash with slushpool, then that pretty much decides that I should use a GPU then. Thanks

I've seen like little antminers for fifty bucks, what exactly do they do? something like a lottery I've heard but I am not sure.