Gridseed and Zeus

Please be nice. I’m new. I just ordered 2 gridseed blade G and 2 Zeus miners to go with my 20 gridseed 5chip orbs. Can I under any circumstances use these to mine zcash?

those can only mine scrypt algorithms no? If so then sorry to say those cannot mine Zcash. Zcash is an equihash algorithm.

is there a translator or some pool that can fix that? I know. I know stupid question but I just spent a lot of money on this.

Not a stupid question no worries :slight_smile: . I am unaware of any sort of translators. Those are scrypt ASIC miners right? If so they won’t be able to mine Zcash.

As Blue mentioned, Zcash uses a completely different algorithm that requires more RAM. So there is no way you can mine Zcash with one of those ASIC miners.

The reason I thought it should be possible is because the gridseed does both scrypt and asic. With nicehash i think i have a solution.

You could check out, sell your hashrate and take payouts in Zcash. It doesn’t add to the Zcash network as much, but it is a solution if you are looking to accumulate Zcash.