Gpu seems to have stopped

Hi guys.

I’m new and I wish to seek some advice.

I’m running a 8 gpu rig, asrock btc h110 mobo, 4gb ram, 2 1600w psu.

8 x galax 1070ti EX

Window 10

I keep encountering this error, GPU seems to have stopped or the rig will just go offline.

I have switched one suspicious PSU to a brand new coolermaster 1600w. I have changed the riser, replugged all risers and wires to make sure.

I’m down to the overclock settings now.

I tried various settings, I’m wondering what will be the stable overclock settings for my rig?
Galax 1070ti EX x 8

Thanks in advance.

Stop the over clocking, go back to stock. once you have a base you can find what settings work for you.
Stop trying to have your rig running like you’ve been doing this for months, do the above, learn about your rig and cards (slowly) and what it can do for you.

Every GPU is different