Mining stoped at night

HI, its happen 2 times at night mining stoped without any error code or crashing, just stoped to show --pec, share sol/s, just stoped, anyone have this problem? PC is not standby…


which pool, which mining software, overclocking?


power limit 77%
5x gtx 1060
1000W PSU

is it a new mining rig or you’re running it since a while?

yep, from a weak im missing 1x 1060 im waiting the vendor

@Uche32 if you don’t ask upfront for all the information, you’ll be dragging it out for hours


About My Setup
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@Uche32 I was actually attempting to help you by letting you know if you don’t ask all of the question upfront, you’ll get an answer, then 3 hours later ask another question then 2 hours later get an answer. in addition I didn’t add your question since you had already asked it, why be redundant?
But pal you got it, I will not give you any helpful advice or communicate with you ever again

No need to be rude? He was clearly just trying to help you…

sorry @davide769 for this useless shit we are doing here. did the stop happen again since then?

I have a rig with 6 x 1060. 5 have Samsung ram. I can clock all with a mem +800 and be stable. The hynix ram anything above +500 Will crash the rig after about 12 hours. Same with the core. Samsung’s I can clock at about +160 to +180. Each card is slightly different. The hynix ram, anything about +125 Will crash the system. Have you tested each card? Or are you just using global setting. Such a high core and mem might be worth check each card.

last night all is ok… i will see

Sometimes when you are clocking cards close to the limits, power fluctuations in your house/apartment can cause the cards to crash. Keep an eye on it. Hope it settles for you.

Windows? Update???

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