Rig of 5 GPU, one is mining at 50% ot its power ( EWBF)

Hello fellow miners, this is my first post here.

I have a rig of 5 gpu’s 4 nvidia 1060 asus rix 1 1070 Evga.

My rig was working well when i had only 4 1060.

Few days ago i bought the 1070 plugged it and launched EWBF.

All Gpus are at full load but one 1060 which stay between 35-55 %.

I Have a 1000w PSU so i don’t think it comes from that.

I also try the rig on Claymore to mine some ETC and all GPUs are at full load, so i looks like it doesn’t come from the hardware.

Do you have and idea on what could be happening ?

Cheers :slight_smile:

Remove the 1070, does it go back to normal?

Switch the 1060 with another 1060, does it follow the gpu or stay with the pci slot riser?

What riser’s do you have and do they each have a dedicated power to them?

Thanks for answering,

If i remove the 1070 the rig works like a charm but stay at 4 gpu.

I will switch risers to see if its change something. and if the low hashrate follow the GPU

I have already change the power of the switch to be sure it doesn’t come from that.

But what is weird is that its full 100% load on other algorythms.

Maybe it is a problem in the config file of ebwf ?

Try lowering power limit to 70% of all cards and check if numbers are stable. If they are then it’s 99.9% power shortage and you will need a better PSU (or add another)

They are already at 80% but i can lower again