Grant idea: Creating HQ content for UKR/RUS Auditory + Creating strong community

Hey guys! Check and please support my application. My team real want to develop ukr/rus community because it’s so underrated ! As i understand grants gives after milestones, but we can’t start without equipment for this. Are there any options?Maybe some advance? I know it’s risk, but if we can’t complete all milestones, we can sell equipment and do moneyback,or send it to the team.
Link on application

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Hi @margincall01 - Welcome to the forum, and thank you for submitting your grant proposal! We will review it in the upcoming weeks and reach out if we have any questions.

I’d also like to encourage you to check out our Global Ambassador Program, which is focused on international community building.

If you have any questions for us, you can post them to this thread or DM us at @ZcashGrants.


Thank you @aquietinvestor for response ! I will check "Global Ambassador Program’', maybe in future if our team receive grant we will work together on creating something amazing!

@margincall0, thank you for your submission. After consideration from @ZcashGrants, and sufficient time for the community to provide feedback on the forum, the committee has decided to reject this proposal.

It would be great to have you as an active member of the Zcash community going forward both here on the forum and the below avenues as well if you are interested.

And as @aquietinvestor mentioned above, please check out the Global Ambassador Program as well.