The Global Ambassador Program

The Zcash Community Grants Committee is excited to announce the creation of a new, experimental program: The Global Ambassador Program.

The Global Ambassador Program is designed to identify community members who make high-quality contributions to the Zcash community and empower them to become leaders. Our goal is for Ambassadors to lead activities that grow the Zcash community, drive user adoption, and advance awareness of Zcash’s privacy-preserving technology.

Some examples include hosting physical or virtual meetup events, maintaining an active presence on social media, and creating original content related to Zcash. Our intention is for the program to be relatively flexible, and for Ambassadors to have creative freedom over the activities they plan. Ambassadors who successfully fulfill their obligations are eligible to receive a monthly stipend of $1,000 to support and reward their efforts.

The first cohort of Ambassadors will start March 1 and serve an initial trial period of three months with the possibility of extending through the year. The Ambassadors are Artkor from Russia, Yoditar from Venezuela, and Ziga, paywithzcash, and Trends from the United States. Please join me in congratulating them on their new role within the community.

Over time, if the program is successful and proves to be a value add to the Zcash community, we hope to include more community members from different parts of the world. We are also considering expanding it to support project-based activities such as organizing meetups, moderating social media channels, and translating materials into non-English languages. Although the first cohort was chosen by the grants committee, future Ambassadors will be nominated and selected by the community.

Please use this thread to share any questions or feedback you have related to the program or specific Ambassadors.

Thank you,

Zcash Community Grants Committee

cc: @artkor @_eric @trends @yoditar @ziga

How to Apply

If you’d like to be considered for the program or nominate someone else, please use this thread to introduce yourself to the community and let us know how you’d like to get involved. You can also send an email to

Program Guidelines

The Global Ambassador Program is designed to identify and reward community members who make high-quality contributions to the Zcash community. Ambassadors actively engage with the public in an effort to grow the Zcash community, drive user adoption, educate people on Zcash’s use cases, and advance awareness of Zcash’s privacy-preserving technology across global geographic regions. Ambassadors are eligible to receive a monthly stipend of $1,000 USD (paid in ZEC) for their service. Our goal is for the program to be relatively flexible, and for Ambassadors to have creative freedom over the activities they plan. Ambassadors must demonstrate that they have fulfilled some of the below requirements or engaged in similar activities:

  • Organize at least one physical or virtual meetup per month
  • Maintain an active Twitter account that regularly posts Zcash-related content
  • Demonstrate community growth (e.g. increase in followers on social media or members of a group).
  • Write articles and blog posts or create original content related to Zcash
  • Translate official and community content (e.g. articles, blog posts, and educational materials) for distribution to non-English speaking communities.
  • Moderate social media channels to help maintain an informative, productive, and pleasant environment.
  • Engage in constructive discourse on social media by regularly answering questions, encouraging debate, addressing misinformation, and combating FUD.
  • Maintain close collaboration with other Ambassadors via social media and connect via Signal group to share ideas, strategies, and experiences.

Proof of Work

In order to receive the stipend, Ambassadors must provide proof of the activities they organized to the Ecosystem Relations Manager at the Zcash Foundation on a monthly basis. Some examples of proof include:

  • Photographs or video documenting in-person meetup events
  • Audio or video recordings of virtual events
  • Links to published articles, blog posts, or other informational materials
  • Activity logs from social media platforms
  • Links or screenshots to Tweets, virtual space attendance, or other online content
  • Any other relevant information that demonstrates your activities

Disclaimer: Citizens of the following countries are not eligible for the program due to current US-imposed economic sanctions: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and Russian held territories in Ukraine (Donetsk, Crimea, and Luhansk).


Good luck ambassadors!


Congrats to all new ambassadors. I’m super happy to know about this new move, success.


I thank the members of ZOMG, Zcash Foundation and the community for trust. It’s a great honor for me and a huge responsibility to represent our community in my country.
I hope that we will be able to contribute to the overall success.


Although the Global Ambassador Program could be a formal proposal as a governance process, the freedom of independent contractors is important.

Here are some tips for ambassadors:

  • Content creation & management of crypto-related social media.
  • Translation of news, ECC blogs, wallets, and websites.
  • Create banners, flyers, cards, t-shirts, gifts, and other marketing materials.
  • Interviews with the community members.
  • Bugs report, if found.
  • Native support + e-mail.
  • Collecting feedback from the local community.
  • Create a user on the Github repo, so all Global communities can share new ideas and sync new campaigns.
  • Be a community face & voice.

Hello community!

It is a pleasure for me to be part of The Global Ambassador Program along with the rest of the members that are part of this team. Thank you for the opportunity, trust and support from Zcash Community Grants and Zcash Foundation to carry out this huge responsibility that will allow me to bring Zcash and financial privacy to the Spanish community.


Thank you very much for these tips Michael2xl! I agree with each of your suggestions, which will be part of our responsibilities.

Regarding Github, I think we can take advantage of the Zcash community forum to do what you suggest. The intention is also to invite Zcash members to be more active in the forum.


Exciting times ahead! Congrats to all the new Zcash Community Ambassadors!

@artkor @_eric @trends @yoditar @ziga


Congrats to all new ambassadors. There are also many Zcash holders in South Korea. Do not forget it.


Really cool to see a global outreach effort, this is awesome


very happy to see this initiative! :slight_smile:


On April 21, Win Ko Ko Aung, a Burmese social media influencer and activist, saw his name and Facebook page on state TV listed alongside other online creators charged with violating Myanmar’s Penal Code. … By the time of the interview, Win had started a new life in the US. Although he still struggles financially, Win has been able to sustain himself with around USD 300 per month earned by playing Axie Infinity every day, he told KrASIA .

:top: can we get the person above for the ambassador program? Based in US with influence in Southeast Asia.

5 Likes is now in a few different languages. English, Chinese, Japanese, French, and Spanish are in the drop down box in the upper right.


Cool, can I translate it to portuguese?


I just added portuguese. It uses an algorithm to translate the whole page after a user clicks a language, so it’s really easy to add any requested languages.


Congrats guys. I know you will drive this high. I will also be great to connect with some one around Africa to help with some awareness activities, particularly meetups.


This program should be underway now, I see that it is initially for a 3 month period.

Would it be possible for each ambassador to give us a monthly update, I think this thread would do.

To start off, just what you are hoping to do in March would be good, then at the end of March/April/May maybe do it in the format of a monthly stand-up, i.e.: what I did last month, what I’m planning to do this month, any blockers.

It would help the community evaluate if the program has been successful and worth expanding.

If you already have something similar in mind this request can be ignored!

cc: @artkor @_eric @Trends @yoditar @Ziga

I’m looking forward to seeing what you all achieve, and to reading the updates!!


Thanks for the feedback @covfefe

The @ZcashGrants committee has set up a bi-weekly monthly reporting form for the ambassadors to help us build the GAP with the initial cohort of 5 ambassadors. We can discuss sharing the learnings with the community here before planning expansion.


Perhaps the ambassadors could hold meetups (Boston Zcash is having a meetup end of march)…


Congrats to the all new ambassadors and god luck !

How can I apply to be Zcash Ambassador for Saudi Arabia ?