Grant Proposal: Tokidoki as Full-time Moderator and Technical Writer


In light of recent discussions on Zecwallet community reorg and moderator rewards, I want to make a proposal to the Zcash community. I will work full-time on moderating Zcash forums/chats, and creating guides, tutorials and documentations of community grants-funded projects such as Zecwallet, ZcashBlockExplorer and recent integration of Zcash into BTCPayServer. The total amount for the grant is $35,500 for 10 months of work.

I have submitted this proposal and welcome feedback from the community. I have added a new cost to pay for taxes, which was taken care of by employer in my previous job, that I forgot to account for before. Cheers!


I recently quit my software engineering job with the intention of joining a crypto start-up. However, after spending some time, I realize I prefer working on zkp related stuffs like Zcash than on other kind of projects. I joined the forum in late 2020 but have been follower of the project since 2018. Other than moderator at this forum, I have also been a contributor to website under a different pseudonym.

For the sake of transparency: I have never applied for other Zcash grants or at any openings of ZF. I tried to apply to two openings at ECC, but unsuccessful. In one application, I managed to get to the first round of interview. In another, my timezone did not match their expectation.


After spending some times identifying what Zcash needs in independent contributor, I believe community management and technical support for end-users is what Zcash needs and I can contribute to. With the development of independent Zcash projects going apace, especially those funded by Zcash Community Grants, having a community manager/technical writer for those will be valuable. I believe both my software engineering and community management background will help in kickstarting the independent Zcash projects.

Technical Approach

  1. Community Management

I will be online during the work hour of my timezone, and will help with moderation in this Discourse forum. I also welcome any request on moderating forums on Discord, Reddit, and other platforms accessible to the public.

  1. Technical Writing

Create/update documentation of Zcash Community Grants-funded projects: Zecwallet Lite, Zcash Block Explorer and BTCPayServer integration. I belive having documentation for end-users would enhance the usefulness of the three projects.

I plan to work in public on GitHub to ensure open collaboration and continuity. I will have a public dashboard so that community can check what I’m working on and request what works should I do/prioritize. I also plan to use Zecpages polls and direct shielded memo to gauge community’s priority. However at first, I will focus on the 3 projects mentioned above.

I will communicate with the original creators of all projects to understand what kind of docs would be useful for their projects. For Zecwallet lite, the work will be done by creating a Pull Request to update the currently host documents for old version of Zecwallet Fullnode. If possible, I want to make it so that guides/docs for Zecwallet Lite can also be hosted in the same place. cc @decentralistdan looks like @adityapk00 is not currently active on the forum.

Execution Risks

As a moderator or technical writer, I might not be able to respond to all enquiries or help solve all user problems. However, to enable the best possible user experience at scale I plan develop and iterate on tutorials, guides and documentation of Zcash projects. I will also need the collaboration of different parties to finish the documentation and publish them in relevant sites. However, I believe I will get the full support of the Zcash community, especially @ZcashGrants and @decentralistdan, to finish the docs.

Evaluation Plan

The success of my work will be determined by the quality and quantity of guides and documentations that I can produce.


Starting from March until the end of year 2022. For the first month, I will focus on updating @adityapk00 and coordinating with the original creators of Zcash Block Explorer @vamsi and BTCPayServer integration @hanh.

I propose updating as the milestone of the first month. The next milestones will be discussed in public on the Zcash Forum.


I propose a total compensation of $35,500 (including tax) for 10 months of full-time work. Also to assure the community that I would not just run away with the money, the payment will be monthly and starts at ~$2,800 with increase every 3 months.

If the proposal is funded, I will send payment request on the 15th of every month, giving the community a chance to review my work in the previous month. However, for the first month (potentially March), I request payment to be disbursed on the 1st day of the proposal is funded.


@tokidoki - Please DM me or email me at regarding this grant proposal.


Sent you an email. Cheers.


Moderators, or as I like to call them, community builders, have a critical role to play in today’s digital age and more so in the blockchain ecosystem. Without this role much of the work that goes into development and marketing would be insufficient.

Crypto is about community and Zcash requires support to help congregate and continue to build its community.

We are already seeing that communities have begun to be created in different languages, soon Ambassadors will begin to promote the use and adoption of Zcash to new users and both ECC and ZF are interested in promoting the growth of the community.

Taking into account the above and that we are experiencing an increasingly pronounced interest in digital and financial privacy in general, I think it is a good time to support proposals such as @tokidoki.

I am delighted to read this proposal, which I believe will help bring value to the Zcash community.


Hi @tokidoki. Thank you for submitting a grant, at this time the @ZcashGrants Committee has voted to not fund this proposal. All members agreed that there isn’t a need for another full time moderator or a need for a technical writer at this time. We appreciate your contributions to the community and hope to see your continued participation.


Thanks for the response. Cheers.