My OS freezes randomly and I can't figure it out what that happens

Hello, everyone

I have Miner with 6 RX480 cards.
What I have as issue is that randomly my system freezes and therefor miner is stopping to work. I really can’t understand why. Cards temperature is constantly 55ish C. Physically everything seems to be okey. I’ve already checked slots, cables and etc.

I had the same issue when I was mining etheriums. It seemed to stop when we had first version of Zec Claymore Miner. Back then 3-4 days mining without any freezes, but after that basically with every new version my system had the issue. I’m not sure if this was coincidence tho.

EDITED* One thing I remembered when I was mining etheriums one of the workers were stopping and after a minute of mining the system were freezing or miner(claymore software) was stopping to work.

Anyone who has the same issue or if you need more information pls feel free to ask me and I will try to provide it to you.

Check for faulty risers and/or GPU

Same here with 3x290x and 2x290.
I have 1300w power supply.

I try to run them overclocked and default and same result.

I was wondering if maybe problem could be in too low power supply…
Because as I remember, I haven’t had problems with 4 GPU overclocked.

@win 10, claymore v6

I’m not really sure if the power supply is the problem, because my power supply is 1600W and by docs it’s performance is 90% of these 1600w, which is 1440 and Miner’s consumption is 1050W.

So, at least for me it should not be this as issue.

About Trollniex, I checked everything as hardware to see if there is anything as issue and didn’t really find anything. Can you be a bit more specific with “faulty risers” . I’m sorry english is not my mother language :confused:

Dirty connectors on ram? Might not be your problem, but worth a try.
Touch / wiggle a dimm see if the system crashes. I used to have this quite a bit on desktop systems and found cleaning the dimm contacts with a piece of folded paper sprayed with contact cleaner did the trick.

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Gonna check them on weekend. Thanks for the suggestion.

I was experiencing random freezing in Ubuntu and found out that it was an issue with the PCI bus by SSHing in and running dmesg (I’m not sure what the Windows equivalent would be). I was able to fix it by changing my PCIe mode to Gen 1. Hope it helps.

What I found so far is not hardware related. With the v.7 of the claymore my Miner didn’t freeze even single time. But when I put v.8 for 12h it froze two times. I guess it’s something on software level that is causing a bug or something to happen. Any ideas?