Need help with SimpleMiner

First time using it. On a 4 1080TI rig.

All the cards are the same (EVGA Black) so I’d prefer to just use the same OC settings on each. For some reason 1 card will end up clocked way higher and crash.

This is my current clocks

Core 1936 1847 1873 1898
Mem 5151 5151 5151 5151

The core clock obviously swings around a bit but its the second card that has the issue, the one @ 1847. I was setting each card to +150 +300. For some reason the second card bursts to 2k core and crashes. Right now I’ve got it at 125 and it doesn’t seem to randomly jump and crash. Any idea why? I’d prefer to get the bit of extra hash out of it. Every other card is putting off 750 @210W and its pulling 720 or so.

Your OC works? because I have a rig with 6 gtx 1080ti on SMOS and appears like this

core: 1771 1835 1873 1860 1822 1847 (250)
MEM: 5005 5005 5005 5005 5005 5005

I put on OC +100 core and +500mem but it slightly iincreases the sols/s from 690 to 710. Any idea what could be happening, with that OC its should be to 750 s/s aprox

Max temp: set to 75C

I think your issue is the power limit. Try limiting it to 200 Watts a card. I’ve had good luck at 210 with 150/300 for oc. If you don’t pay for electricity you could try a higher oc. At 250w I was close to 800 with 150/500 if I remember. That was on windows though.

I’m going back to windows so I can get more control.

My electricity’s super cheap. But Because I’m using 250W limit the OC it’s not applying? I just set on TO 0 and same SOLS/S I don’t know why it’s not applying.

In my 5 GTX 1080 rig its working fine with OC. I’m getting 2741.1 sols/s.
1911 1847 1822 1923 1847 (180)
4762 4762 4762 4762 4762

BTW, which miner program do you use?

And I’m fine with SMOS it’s way easier to update because I have 2 rigs and they are not with me. So it’s difficult to go where my rigs are and change something

EDIT: I change it to 210W and sols/s went down to 690 each.

EDIT: My cards are 4 Aorus and 2 gigabyte gaming cards.

It’ll OC at any limit but it could crash it. This is kinda why I went back to windows from SimpleMiner as I can’t see the cards usage. I’ve had some that are hashing along fine but when you look the usage level of the card is all over the place. Usually a sign it’s not getting enough power.

BTW I just noticed ur memory is barely overclocked. 5000mhz is stock for most 1080TIs I believe. Should be able to do 5300-5500. I find if you put in 300 in simple miner it adds 151 instead of 3… unsure why but it gave me pretty good rates.

I’m finding the same thing in Windows for some reason. 150 clock seems to cause some cars to boost into 2k core and crash. Just going to settle on 730~ a card with 200W drawn at the wall.

What works for me on both AMD and Nvidia cards.

Increase power limit and core clock (memory clock 0). Higher power limit is important for zec mining and when you do testing you’ll find that this alone makes a difference.

@CanGuitarGuy Yes I set OC for memory +500 and it stays to 5000 factory settings. I don’t know If I should set to 280 power limit or it’s too much? my psu can get up to 300W per card.

I tried in windows but If I OC, about +100 mem or clock the miner crashes after 1 hour. I didn’t know why.

The problem with your card, maybe it’s a bad card?

@Pappi With GTC 1080TI which power limit do you recommend that’s it’s ok but not too much that will affect the lifespan?

I wouldn’t worry about the powerlimit THAT much, more the thermals and the fanspeed. You don’t want to run the fan at 100% to keep the cards at a reasonable temp. I’ve got mine locked to 65 which is pretty low. 75-80 is more normal but Canadian winters help.

Here the power is pretty expensive at 15.2C/KWH and thats with a big subsidy as the rates were getting crazy. I’ve managed to find a pretty good spot at 100/300 (yeah I agree with Pappi, memclock doesn’t seem to matter much). I’m running at 85% powerlimit. Not pushing it much beyond that as I’m running 2 750W PSUs together and don’t want a single PSU hitting more then 550-600.


You’ll have to test it out. My little farm started long before 1080’s got popular. When I mine ether I do 75% power and with zec I do 90% - 95% power.

AMD rigs use a lot less power mining ZEC (vs. ETH) even though the power limit is a lot higher. strange but true. I use Nvidia rigs only for ETC mining now a days.

Then I don’t know what’s happening with my rig. Because on my 1080 rig the OC it’s working.

on my 1080 ti rig it’s not I increase the power limit to 300 just for a moment and they just draw the necessary power and go up to 720 sols/s not 780 or so.

max temp set to 75C

Any ideas what could be?

1080 TI (SMSO it’s not applying any OC at all)

GPU4 76C Sol/s: 705.7 Sol/W: 2.86 Avg: 712.1 I/s: 382.1 Sh: 2.55 0.99 202
GPU3 72C Sol/s: 715.8 Sol/W: 2.88 Avg: 718.0 I/s: 384.5 Sh: 2.61 1.00 202
GPU0 74C Sol/s: 684.3 Sol/W: 2.77 Avg: 691.4 I/s: 370.2 Sh: 2.52 1.00 201
GPU1 75C Sol/s: 701.6 Sol/W: 2.86 Avg: 711.5 I/s: 381.0 Sh: 2.62 1.00 203
GPU2 75C Sol/s: 710.1 Sol/W: 2.87 Avg: 715.2 I/s: 383.3 Sh: 2.50 1.00 212
GPU5 77C Sol/s: 711.8 Sol/W: 2.86 Avg: 713.9 I/s: 382.5 Sh: 2.58 1.00 202
========== Sol/s: 4229.3 Sol/W: 2.85 Avg: 4262.1 I/s: 2283.7 Sh: 15.36 1.00 203

1080 (i’m getting good sol/s) OC 100/500 (180)

GPU2 74C Sol/s: 548.9 Sol/W: 3.05 Avg: 547.9 I/s: 293.7 Sh: 2.00 0.99 203
GPU3 62C Sol/s: 557.2 Sol/W: 3.10 Avg: 557.2 I/s: 298.5 Sh: 2.06 0.99 203
GPU0 63C Sol/s: 552.6 Sol/W: 3.12 Avg: 556.9 I/s: 298.6 Sh: 1.99 0.99 203
GPU1 75C Sol/s: 550.1 Sol/W: 3.07 Avg: 550.0 I/s: 294.5 Sh: 1.89 0.99 203
GPU4 76C Sol/s: 553.0 Sol/W: 3.07 Avg: 550.1 I/s: 294.8 Sh: 2.02 0.99 203
========== Sol/s: 2761.8 Sol/W: 3.08 Avg: 2762.0 I/s: 1480.1 Sh: 9.96 0.99

btw, @CanGuitarGuy I found that DSTM miner it’s way more efficent than EWBF

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It honestly seems strange that it’s not applying any OC at all. Cards are running really hot for 1080TIs too. Mine are in the 40-60 range under most circumstances and I don’t even have the fans cranked. Anyway you could try Windows out on it? My complaint with simpleminer is how do you troubleshoot problems like this.

I’ve not used DSTM as with EWBF you can disable the dev fee. I’ll have to try it and see if I notice a difference of more then 2%.

I just change from Windows to SMOS. I really don’t like windows to mine, it’s kind of difficult to do any modification.

And yes I forgot the dev fee difference I think that the difference in hash is between 1-2%

I will try for 24 hours EWBF and see results on my the pool.

About the temp, how do you keep that extreme low temps? I haven’t installed extra fans yet. I add 1 extra fan per card to inject extra air from outside the rig. The extra fan it’s always 100%

I just checked out DSTM and I seem to get a bit more then 2% extra. I’ll have to play around with it but it may be worth just paying the fee.

What do you mean its difficult to do any modifications? I find Windows tends to work pretty well. I’ve got access to offsite locations that have a limited amount of inclusive power and I love being able to remote into them and keep tabs or make changes. I’ve missed that flexibility. Might just be me but I’ve also got little faith in USB flashdrives. Had so many fail just in normal use over the years but rarely lost an SSD (only lost one that was on a PSU that toasted).

Temps might just be the difference between open air and being inside of a case. I’ve just got my rig in a crate at the moment. I’ve ordered a frame to put everything in. It’s secure in the crate but not that portable so working on the system with monitor and keyboard is a massive pain. Still I’ve noticed the cards are very cool in the crate compared to when I had 2 in my case.

My rig it’s open. I add some photos.

Note: Pretty bad cable managment xD