GTX 1070 a Good Alternative?

Hello guys, I’m new in the community and this is my first post.

First, I live in Venezuela and electricity is pretty much free, so I wanted to build with R9
Furys, but it’s been the biggest mission of my life finding these… Same with the RX 480s.

I’m now considering Nvidia 1070s but am not sure if it’s good enough either for ZEC or ETH.

In case they are… Which brand is most overclockable and best performance for mining, or
what cryptocurrency is best to mine with 1070s??

I appreciate any help and replies!!!

1060/1070/1080/1080ti are fantastic ZEC cards. On the expensive side to buy, but great performance and very low electricity usage and cooling needs.

Fury cards are the best combination of purchase price, performance and reasonable electricity usage but as you say you can’t find them in any quantity now. May be able to pick up a few second hand here and there.

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