Looking for GPU Recomendations

I am looking at getting a graphics card to get some half way decent mining going. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations?

1070ti seems to be the king of effectivness at the moment.

I am looking for something in the 200-300 USD range so I can get some coin to get something like that :smiley:

Any other thoughts?

Then maybe 1060 ?

You decide:



Thank you for the data and comparison! I really appreciate it!

If it was just a matter of deciding, I would of course go with the 1070 ti :smiley: but my finances just wont allow me to get that card within the next two months. I figure if I can get something for now, I can upgrade by getting some coin mined, unless you are just feeling generous then I’m open for donations :pray:t3: or taking one off your hands for a discount. Ill wait for your PM on that… :stuck_out_tongue:

In the meantime, what kind of specs would you suggest I be looking at when picking my card?

Depends on what you can get your hands on. Nvidia is 1070, AMD is 580 or 480. Suggest you can pickup cheaper ones that are like Sapphire, BIOSTAR, Zotac or Galaxy, but with good warranty.

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Hi, you can check this GPU comparsion http://www.zcash4u.com/index.php/2017/12/03/graphic-card-comparsion/
And pool itself is good. Only 0,3% pool fee…

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I would look for a combination of price, warranty, good cooling (I preffer cards with 3 fans) and resell value (known brands, maybe their popularity in your country). If you plan on building a rig at some point, the number of power connectors also play an important role (1x8 pin is always more preferable than a 2x8pin). The simple logic suggest you should always go for the cheapest option for the sake of ROI, but then think about how many days of mining can cover the difference in price between the cheapest and the most expensive of alternatives, and then evaluate the risk of downtime in days and calculate again how much would it cost you if you was not able to mine while a faulty card is doing RMA “travel”.


Thank you so much to everyone for the great suggestions. I admit I am a yuugee AMD fanboy and am looking to make a good go of this. I was going to get into BTC mining back when it was only $250 USD but was dealing with some very complicated issues at the time with my health. I am excited about zCash and have liked its principle since the day I started reading about it. I am glad I can get involved with a coin with potential now that I don’t have the issues I had before hindering my finances.

I am curious about the discrete graphics ability of my processor. Can it be set to mine GPU while my CPU side does its mining? Or is that not a thing since its on the chip itself?

So my Mobo is only PCIE Gen 2 compliant. Can I still run the GT1060 on it being its PCIE 3.0?

Hi, yes. There is back compatibility in PCIE. So you should be able to run PCIE 3.0 devices on PCIE 2.0 mobo

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Thank you! That helps me plan a lot. Do you know what kind of performance degradation this might cause?

Hi, I am not really sure honestly. But in your case I would recommend to test it… You can allways compare your results with some kind of expectation and measurments made by others. Check here http://www.zcash4u.com/index.php/2017/12/03/graphic-card-comparsion/

Or here https://en.wikibooks.org/w/index.php?title=ZCash_mining_GPU_Comparison&stable=0&redirect=no

Holy cow :cow: ! So today the GTX 1060 went on sale on three different sites for as low as $214! They were going quick!!!

I hope others got their orders in before they flew off the shelves!

you need to be fast :smiley:

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Which sites were you look at!?!

Mainly Amazon and Newegg. Newegg still might have them on sale too.

Its weird though, there is no LED on the card I got so I am curious about that.

Ha, for some dedicated mining cards, they even remove the display output functions and I/O. So no LED might be why the lower price.

Can I use multiple GPU cards if they are not the same card?

(they are all NVidia, just different models.)

Yeah, but don’t use Windows…something like tb250btc pro can have AMD and Nvidia!

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