GTX 1080 OC recommendations?

What OC should i use ? getting 500Sol/s right now from each

image image

edit: add sol/w pic


my settings TDP - 62%, mem +407, cclock +137

Thanks !

i`ll use these.

TDP - 62% and you get 550+ sol/s are you sure??

yes its my settings for my second rig when i am testing this card. First rig i have with 6x1060-3GB TDP 70% cca 275 sols +160 cclock

so and there is third test rig with one GTX1080 55tdp and 1060 50tdp :slight_smile: by 1080 sols/watt ratio close to gtx1070, but 1060 has sweat spots by 68-73TDP :slight_smile:gtx1080tdp55

Thanks, with that settings i get only 475 sol/s
can you share your exact clock and memory speed ??

no problem:


Thanks a lot
will try to figure out something like this

OC results

GTX 1080 FE Cloc +210 Mem +500 Power 95% (1950/5000) temperature ~62
GTX 1080 TI ECGA SC2 Clock +125 Mem +500 Power 95% (1920/5500) temperature ~62

I get 540-550 sol/s from 1080 FE and 740-750 on 1080 TI
total 1280-1300 sol/s

I played with OC setting 2 weeks, and this is the best settings so far for me.

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Hello @dev911

What minner you are using for your 1080 TI ? Because I only manage to hit 690sol/s with your settings (Gigabyte 1080TI OC 11GB)

Thank you

i’m using EWBF 0.3.4b

It depends on factory OC settings, try to get my speeds with your settings. But in any case, as i noticed, these settings are individual for every GPU. You just need to play with you settings.

690 is max that you have ??

Hey @dev911
I manage to hit 720-730

Power 99
+160 core
540 Memory


Which is fine , I was at 600 stock :smiley:

Do you have any GTX 1070?

Not bad it think

but 2.92s/w is a little bit low, i get 3.2 ±
just keep playing with settings, i took me 2-3 weeks ))
I have only GTX 1080 and GTX 1080 TI

P.S. you video card is already overclocked, you can set to default settings and start to increase clock + mem with small steps, +10 or +20 for example, and wait 10 min to get results.