Sol/s dropping 1080ti OC gaming g11 SMOS

I’m mining dstm-v0.5.7 miningpoolhub with 1080ti oc gamining 11g (SMOS)
Avg 63C
OC settings:
Core: 125
Target C: 75%
Fan speed: 80%

my rig runs at 750 sol/s avg and after some time it starts droping to 600 sol/s rate
any solution for that ?


This usually happens when OC settings are not stable.

These are my settings(witch gives me best efficiency → 4.25 sol/watt):
1080ti settings

All cards are under 50 C° (47 is average)

with your settings my cards running at 600 Sol/s… I gurss you don’t have the 1080ti

My cards run at 620 sol/s and consume 150 W, these settings are the most efficient, I didn’t say that they will pull the most sol/s. I OC these cards to last as long as possible.

Pushing them to much (or simply keeping stock settings) I can garantee you will see performance drop as time passes by. Using these settings cards will most likely mine at same speed for at least 5 years: less maintainance, less sound and much less heat (GL pushing cards to maximun in the summer).