Best OC several cards


I want to know If I can push a little more my rigs.

NOTE: I’m suing simplemining OS

right now I have 2 rigs 1 of 1080ti (6 cards) and the other of gtx 1080 (5 cards)

1080ti it’s set to +50/+100 250W - 720sols/s (I set that OC, but the OS only get +50/+50 I dunno why)
1080 it’s set to +100/+500 180W - 550 sols/s

Do you know which is the best OC on each card? And the highest TDP I could get? Because everyone talks about 60% TDP 80% TDP, which is the 100%? And what happens if I go top 125%?

I’m using simplemining and I have a 750W bronze PSU for every 2 cards.

for 1080ti, core +200, Memory +600, power 225W, you shall get 750sols/s.

My OC 170 core 0 Memory 80% Power 200W 700/720Sol/s

Then with my config I should get more sols?. I will try those OC setting and post the results.

btw which cards are you using? mine are Aorus (Normal, not the extreme version)

Edit: @RafalPL I try it and the card died :S I’m using DSTM miner and it just start and the cards that I OC died I have to restart the mining program with lower OC

I using 9X gtx 1080ti FE

Do you think that the card it’s defected or why when I OC died?

my card work five month this OC

9x GTX 1080Ti Founders Edition
170Mhz Core
0 MHZ Memory
80% Power

I using 3 month DTMS everything work perfect 24/7

Maybe you have bad riser or power supply

I will buy more risers and make some tests. Mine works fine 5 months now 24/7 with that OC I set.

The 1080 I juts build it last week

If you using 1080 not ti this oc parametr not working

I have tow rigs one of 1080 and the other of ti

you must do this method of trial and error

np core 100mhz ram 50mhz and power 90% tested
or core 80mhz ram 150mh power 90%