GTX 1080 TI problem

Hello, I have a mining rig with 4 gtx 1080 ti, two cards give 600-620 H/s and two card give 300-500 H/s, I’m using nicehash miner also try with EBWA, can anyone help me ?

Card setup please?

-core clock, memory, TDP, models of cards, temperatures
(configured values and effective values?)
-PSU type…

Okay, So I have 4x Asus GTX 1080 TI Founders Edition, Motherboard ASRock Z170 Extreme 4, Processor Intel G4400, Ram - 8gb, SSD - 120GB, two PSU - One is Corsair Cx750W and another one is LC Power - 750W, And 4x Risers from Amazon.
I connect two GPU’s, motherboard and SSD with LC Power and two GPU’s with Corsair.
I don’t do any overclock, only I adjust fan speed because it go up to 80 without adjustment.
Yesterday I install new beta update from Nvidia Graphic Driver version - 385.12 but I still receive even more lower hashrate.
So here I use ASUS GPU TweakII - GPU Boost Clock(MHz) - 1582, Memory Clock (MHz) - 11010, GPU Voltage (%) 0, Power Target (%) - 110, GPU Temp Target © - (-19), Frame Rate Target (FPS) - 0.
I use Nvidia Inspector to know Voltage 1st one have -1.063V, 2nd - 1.063V, 3rd - 1.044V, 4rd - 1. 1.050V, after working some time they go lower 1st - 0.950V, 2nd 0.794V, 3rd - 0.944V, 4rd - 0.813V.
So Here us Hasrates they power
GPU0: 65C with 337 Sol/s
GPU1: 61C with 177 Sol/s
GPU2: 68C with 582 Sol/s
GPU3: 73C with 583 Sol/s.
I don’t know how to adjust TDP settings.

are GPU0 and GPU1 the ones that are plugged on the MB?