GTX 1080 Ti Power Consumption

How can i see the power consumption of my GPUs?

Also from your experience, what are the required Watts for 1 1080 Ti?

If you are using EWBF’s CUDA miner 0.3.4b you can see power consumption of each card to the PSU by addind this : –pec
Then calcul the power consumption at the wall with the efficiency :slight_smile:

Windows -

Seem to be getting 165 or so watts at 65% power limit, up to 205-209 watts at 80% power limit.

Im running 2 of my 1080 Ti overclocked and getting 770 sol each card, but sol / wat is 2.93.
Both cards have same settings, one card is 55 degres and running at 258 wat the other card is running at 272 wat and 67 deegres, this is the same cards Asus Strix OC, bought from 2 different suppliers.

For showing w/s i use the autoretsart script from sverox:

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@BarbieAction, wow 770 Sol/s ??? :slight_smile:
Provide your setups, please :slight_smile:

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@VanijaDev my setup:

:slight_smile: OK, trying… Do you mine with EWBF or nheqminer?
One more question for @BarbieAction, how did you come to those setups? I have seen opposite thoughts regarding GPU and memo overclocks - one said memory matters, other, that it does not (but gpu clock matters). Can you provide resources to read?

@VanijaDev using EWBF :slight_smile:

@BarbieAction ur settings constantly crash my cards… It works OK after I increase power limit to + 40. With those setup I get about 740 Sol/s. But this can be achieved with these: power +20, core +70, memo -200. Will test each of them for one day and chose better for me. Thanks for info :slight_smile:

I'm currently getting ~760 sols for ~245-250W (100% power limit) out of the EVGA SC Black cards, running at about 55-60c. +100 core +450 memory. Fan speed is sitting around 60% and the ambient room temp is 26.8c. Pretty happy with these cards. I also have some Zotac Amp Extreme core cards (picked those up for around the same price as the EVGA cards at the time which seemed like a good deal). I'm not as happy with the zotac cards. I can get 780 sols out of them but they draw 300W. If I limit the power to 80%, they drop down to ~250W but they get worse performance than the EVGA cards at this power limit. They do run a bit cooler though with lower fan speed.

@VanijaDev Maybe im just lucky with my cards then, hope you find correct settings for you. I get increased Sols by increasing memory. Its been stable for 5 days now for me

I get 760 sols/sec on this overclock and it seems pretty stable. Not sure of power consumption though

Fan set manually to 85%

What do you think about this config?

And what are ur configs? :slight_smile:

Just to add to this, if you need the value in a script and you’re on Linux you can get it with:

nvidia-smi --query-gpu=power.draw --format=csv,noheader

or for a specific gpu:

nvidia-smi -i 0 --query-gpu=power.draw --format=csv,noheader
(replace 0 with your gpu index)