Guarda – Community test for Shielded Wallet

Hey, ZCash community!
Our Android Wallet for Shielded ZEC transactions is all set us and ready to rock!
Before going viral with the news, however, we would love to the best kind of trial for our product – the community test!
Please leave your email in the form and we will send you the app download link


This looks really good, I just posted about it a few minutes ago too :blush: Guarda Wallet looking for Android beta testers

Will a user be able to send T-Z and Z-T within the app?


Super cool! Thank you so much!

And yes, we have both Z- and T-addresses in the application :slight_smile:


Kudos, Guarda, for being the first ever to build a z+t ZEC lightwallet! This is quite an accomplishment, and a milestone the Zcash community has long aspired to!

Can you tell us more about your implementation of z-address support, and what Zcash code you built on? In particular, ECC’s lightwallet and librustzcash code is very new and under flux, so your experience and feedback are super valuable.


Thanks a lot for your great review of Guarda Wallet work with ZCash – this is a very important step in development for us, too!
In general, it’s similar to the reference wallet by ZCash.
We use NDK part for cryptographic wallet functions and lightwalletd for backend. But we have own implementation for sync, decrypt/encrypt note commitments, building Spend and Output descriptions for the transaction.


What’s the ETA for the beta testing?

Thank you for your interest. Will send the email with the link out today closer to the evening!