Guarda Zcash Wallet Unsafe

From about a week Guarda Wallet shows an totally unsafe behavior to any Investor.
Balances are not sync at all, also you are not able to watch or even remove your balance anywhere, because is not available. and crash.

The app get stuck on Sync and also Crash when you try to open your balance that shows just on down. The rest keep sync without any sucess.
This app became totally unsafe to use, and i do truly concern about your Zcash.


Better switch to another wallet ->


Thank you man. I notice also in Trust wallet you can add your Zcash over there.

Trust wallet is good but it doesn’t support private addresses. For now ZecWallet mobile wallet is the way to go.

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Hello there :wave: I’d better suggest you to create a ticket at their Support Center or email them at
As far as I know, this problem must be solved now as they have launched a new version of the Shielded Wallet.

Hi @Mr_SauravKT has Guarda switched to the newer ECC mobile wallet code?