Guide to Zcash meetups + Sapling prep

I sent the following email to everyone who threw their hat in the ring to be a meetup organizer. If you’re interested in joining the list, get in touch with me.

Hello everyone! Some updates:

We finally released the full guide to running Zcash meetups:

If you’re new to social organizing, which I know some of you are, then I highly recommend reading through it.

The guide includes a printable checklist and printable introduction to Zcash. (We’ll update the introductory onepager after Sapling, since shielded transactions will be easier and hopefully more widely available to nontechnical people.) Both color and B&W files of the checklist and onepager are also attached to this email.

Coming soon: Stickers for sure, possibly T-shirts.

If you want stickers, now is as good a time as any to send me your address. I will keep the data within my extremely locked-down Zcash Foundation Google account.

Neal Jayu of the Boston meetup also has stickers to send out — contact him on Keybase (nealjayu) to provide your address, or send it to me and I’ll pass it on.

If you’re not comfortable sharing your address with either of us, consider a PO box (or your country’s equivalent) or a package sent care-of a third party.

Sapling parties!

The Boston and LA meetups are planning to hold Sapling celebrations, and we’d love to see more of you do so! James Joseph from LA brought up the idea, suggested by Zooko, of playing a game of telephone via Zcash encrypted memo, which I think is a cute idea. Any other activity suggestions?

Check out the page for the Boston Sapling party:

And the LA group’s pre-Sapling event:

That’s all for now. Talk soon!


Thanks so much for all the resources, @sonya!

By the way, we have an event happening in Boston before Sapling (and about Sapling)! Come check it out: