Haven't Received Payment From Flypool


New Miner just getting first payment. The Mined blocked has been confirmed and should have been paid to me. I am using the swing cash wallet v0.46 and I know it is out of date but i’m not to skilled in linux to update it. That is the only reason I could think it would be that my payment wasn’t showing up. I was looking into different wallets but can’t find a way to use an existing T-address on a different wallet.

Here is the Block on block explorer

Any help would be appreciated,
Thank you

polinbex has disabled zcash transfers , seems network issues

Can you go in more detail for a newb. I thought from what the block explorer stated the payment was paid out to the T-Address?

Never mind, I went on their site and seen that zcash was having issues. When did this start?

Anyone know an update on this? Poloniex isn’t allowing deposit/withdraws for ZEC either.

Well this is what my support ticket at Flypool said.

“All payments were sent by the pool as they are visible on the blockchain. Please make sure to update your wallet and ensure that it is fully synced. If you are using an exchange wallet or a hosted wallet please contact them about this issue.”

This has nothing to do with the problem. @draxsin is using the ZCash swing wallet, not mining to Poloniex.

@draxsin has your local node fully sync’ed? i.e. is it up to date with the blockchain?

Dangit, Well I use zcashd and it is verifying transactions and my swing wallet says synced. I hit refresh on it and nothing changes.

What is your wallet address?


Silly question to ask, but is your wallet 100% sync’d?
and you REALLY need to update that version, there are security issues with wallets that old.

Actually no, it isn’t 100% And I’m not sure on how to update it. I’m a rookie at Linux and couldn’t find any good guides on how to update it. How to i complete sync? just let it run? Also if you could help me update this thing I would really appreciate it.

Okay, I have been letting it run and sync has been going up. But I really would like to update it. I’m guessing I could just install over it or is there a way to use apt-get update on it?

Start it and let it run, it could take 1 hour to 6 hours to sync depending on how far back it is… In the picture, do you see where it says Up to: and there is a date there, what does your’s say? What ever that date is, is where it is sync’d to and must get to today’s date for you to see your transaction.

AS for updating it, there are several instructions on the forum’s on how to do it. Honestly though since you are not familiar with Linux, I would just get the windows version of the wallet and start using it just after you hit a payout…
The windows version is VERY simple to date

Okay awesome! If I get the windows version of it though how can I go about carrying over the T & Z address? I know there is a file that saves your wallet info, but not too sure if that same file will be any good in windows.

And the date is way old, so that explains a lot. May 1st

@anon47418038 would likely be able to point you to a resource for migrating from Linux to the Windows client.

you can copy the wallet.dat file from one to the other

Anyone facing issue with flypool and cryptonator? 2 payments are not receivet yet.