Missing link.. flypool payout and how do import it to a wallet

So I have mined a little bit more than 0,01 ZEC on flypool, giving them my t-address for that.
When exceeding the 0,01 threshold, flypool automatically made the first payout with a dedicated tx-ID.

But how do I import this balance to any kind of wallet? I am missing the link here..

Lets take JAXX for example. If I use the corresponding private key to my t-address, it shows "insufficient balance". But why? The payment was issued four hours ago. It should have some 0,01004 ZEC on it..

Furthermore the offline ZCash Swing Wallet shows a 0,00 balance too..

Where did you create your wallet? That's where I'd start. If you created it using the swing wallet, you'll need to fire that up and let it fully sync. You won't see a balance otherwise.

I used zcash-cli for that

Just create a wallet with Jaxx, and add ZEC, you will get a t address you can input to the Miner, and have the mined sum go there. and once its sent, within few seconds its visible on Jaxx.

Thanks, I will do that!
But how do I get access to the ZEC with the old t-address?

Getbalance for the old t-address does not work.
Or I am missing some synronization step in order to see the corrrect balance?

So I am totally confused right now, as managing the zcash does not work at all.

I want to display the private key for my old t-address in order to import it to Jaxx.
Hope that is the right way...

But if I do so, zcash-cli dumpprivkey old-t-address shows

error code: -4
error message:
Private key for address old-t-address is not known

As I created this address on a different OS, I copied the wallet-file from there and imported it with zcash-cli. That fininished without an error messages, but it still does not show me the private key for my t-address!

Can anyone help?