Question about Payment Issue

Flypool sent me the payment yesterday but I haven’t received the payment in my wallet I don’t know if is something with the Network or the Block because I search the Block 198100 at Zchain and doenst appaer this is the Transaction 79b67300faca48ce1d8f4e6633337d14b648414f3ce4cee944c6ddd8e89936a0

Hi, Ledaso. Sorry to hear about your trouble. I mine on US1 on Flypool and, heretofore, have not had any problems receiving payments. In fact, they’re usually in my wallet within minutes. Obviously, I have no idea what your level of technical skill is, nor what wallet you currently use, but here’s a link to the instructions for the GUI wallet that I have used up to now:

Might be worth checking out and considering.

That being said, what wallet are you using? I have heard around the internets that some wallets do have issues with lots of microtransactions (the Flypool default is 0.01 ZEC, I believe), so another thing to try might be adjusting your default payout (I personally receive in increments of 0.50 ZEC, but smaller amounts like 0.10 or even 0.05 might help your wallet out).

Thanks Belgarion84 this is my first time having this issue Im mining on US1 on Flypool too, Im using Cryptonator as wallet and never had any problem until now but now my payout is missed :slight_smile:, I gonna take a look to GUI Wallet also i’ll change the default payout