HD7970(sapphire vapor GHZ 3gb) recognised as 280x by claymore +/-260sol/s

Hello people!
everyone is fine?

Ok, i have what i think might be a problem so i’m posting it here (can’t go on bitcointalk, because i can’t login).
My apparent problem is that claymore recognize my HD7970 as a 280x and just give me 260sol/s and i don’t understand why other can get alot more with it.
I have another pc running a 1060 which work perfectly fine and i wanted to test mining on AMD and then here i am.
Anybody can explain to me why i have these result?

here some screenshot :

I hope someone will bring me the light!

Hi there,

I’m a little late to the party but hopefully someone else can benefit from my account.

Claymore recognizes my 7970 as a 280x and labels it “Tahiti” since these models are pretty similar to a 7970, and as far as I can tell, it doesn’t make a difference in hashrate. In afterburner I have my core set to 1050 and my mem set to 1650 (I think), with 120% power and fans at 100%. Hashrate for these settings is about 310 H/s with a temp around 70C. Hope this helps!

The 7970 Ghz and 280x have the exact same GPU. It was just a rebranding of the line up and they carried the card over. I had a Saphire version of each and they were exactly the same expect the 280x was clock just a little faster stock. Was able to mine 3.5 BTC back in the day with those.