Hello Zcash Community, I'm offering IT services in exchange for zcash ;)

Hello everyone greetings from Pakistan :slight_smile:

My name is Talha Mahmood, i run an IT FIRM naming Symbiote Technologies and we provide SERVICES of WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT, E-COMMERCE STORE DEVELOPMENT, Electronic personal profiling, remote business process automation, Social media marketing & branding on various social platforms, Basic ERC20 ethereum contracts (fun way to start your own coin on ethereum blockchain), ICO LANDING PAGES, Contract integration with landing page.

If anyone from the community require such services please feel free to drop a message under my thread & once you have availed my service provide your valuable feedback for the community so that others can benefit.

Payment after prototype of your work is ready & first revision is done. We provide 3 revisions on all the projects we do. We co-ordinate & communicate on regular basis with all our clients to provide highest quality service.

We accept payment in all major cryptos like BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, ZCASH & MONERO etc because of the fact that Pakistani banking system is still in itโ€™s infancy & cryptos provide a fast way to transmit payments. Quality service is our motto.

I will be glad to be the part of this community & learn and earn from my fellow community members.

Contact: talha.mahmood@symbiote-tech.com
Website: https://symbiote-tech.com
Telegram: talhamahmood


Correction i have changed my telegram username to โ€œjohnwikโ€