Local Zcash Website


I have been researching the potential for a local Zcash website, and I have gone ahead and purchased a domain, localz.cash. I think there is a gap as far as local Zcash sales go, and I believe that there is untapped potential for increasing Zcash adoption, as many users are entirely averse to attaching personal information to their cryptocurrency, but lack the startup capital or knowhow to begin mining in a significant way.

I’m trying to get in touch with some web designers that could help me develop this website, and I’m not sure where to start; I have touched base with the Engineers at my current company, but they are too consumed with their full-time jobs. I am planning to pay for the work, and have more than a rough outline for how the website would function, as well as how revenue could be generated; I am also open to the idea of joint-ownership of the website in exchange for assistance.

In general, the website would allow users to create a user account, without an e-mail, issue them a password recovery file that they must back up, and provide them a way to add a PGP key to their profile. I have experience in technical documentation, as well as creating processes for end-users, and plan to have an entire knowledge base that will be able to walk a novice user through a local Zcash deal from start to finish, without compromising their privacy.

If you are interested in assisting with this project, I would very much like to hear from you! I can be reached here in this topic, as well as on reddit (bijar-khan). I’m based out San Francisco, and I am also available for meet-ups and discussions in person; I am very passionate about this technology and I am stepping back from my IT career to pursue entrepreneurship in this particular space. Thanks for your time, I appreciate your reading this! :smiley:



This sounds like an awesome idea for the Foundation’s 2018Q2 Grant Program @bijar-khan. You should check it out if you want to apply for grant money (the Zcash Foundation is giving out $250,000 in grants this quarter):

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