Help AMD resolve the RX-470/480 problems!

I’m an account manager with a wholesale tech distributor, and I have some private/cloud/reseller mining customers that are helping AMD to resolve the buggy drivers for the RX-470/480. Today I was able to get an AMD engineering team assigned to this problem, and NDA is not an issue for any code that you send them directly.

If you have any interest in being part of the discussion (which can head off potential issues with Vega-gen components for your code), please send me a message. References available upon request.


Still looking for some OpenCL code to be sent directly to the AMD driver team. My cloud miner customers are way too busy preparing for Z-Cash launch to contribute, so if you’re writing code please reach out and let’s give them the tools they need to resolve the RX470/480 driver issues.

Best-case scenario, we’ll get a dialogue going where Radeon hardware will be much more agreeable for mining, in terms of tuning and features. Let’s help them out!