Mining with open source AMD drivers?

Hi guys,

This is my first post here. I’ve been trying to GPU mine with optiminer and I keep getting this error:

[error] OpenCL error: Failed to list OpenCL platforms! (Unknown OpenCL error -1001)

Proprietary AMD drivers seem like a huge pain in the ass to set up / use, I’ve tried all day and have barely made any progress. What can I do?


I have same issue mate. you find a solution?

I use driver from AMD website and os is ubuntu16.04, once the driver is installed the optiminer work fine

Which gpu and which driver? There are several combos. I have a 7970 and after I tried the agp-pro drivers I nuked my Linux (ubuntu) Ii was able to roll back in recovery).

the driver is: and GPU is R9 390


Thanks for the reply, but bot following you here? That is not my GPU (R9 390), Mine is a r9 280X.

Also, that driver is (I think) the driver that nuked my install.

I am after an open source driver Radeon driver that works with the r9 280X / 7970.

Could you share the open source radeon driver link? and the sol rate of your r9 280x/7970. Thanks!

I’ll have to have a look - it has been a while. I think it was on the AMD site?