Help downloading ZecWallet lite

please can you help me, i want to download zcash lite and it get to some point and request for githubuser com username and password. please what do i do?

Hi @linkfran6, I’m not aware of any app called zcash lite. Do you mean zecwallet lite? If so, you don’t need to sign up for anything to use zecwallet apps. For safety, make sure you download zecwallet from it’s website at


that is exactly what i am doing. i use IDM to download. prermit me to send you an image

@linkfran6 have you tried downloading it with your browser instead? That could be the problem with IDM and github where the file is hosted. Try downloading the app with your default internet browser.

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It looks like you are trying to connect directly with the core repo but don’t have the correct URL

You can find the latest release binaries at :