Is Zecwallet Lite safe?

Hi everyone. I am new to crypto and i don’t understand coding things much. I want to send my zcash binance to my own wallet. Can i trust Zecwallet Lite?

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Hi @zrzgzrn welcome to the forums.

Yes, ZecWallet is supported by the Zcash Foundation and all code is open-source:

@adityapk00 is the lead developer on the project and is on these forums. Many users including myself use it and can answer questions if you get stuck.

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Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

I like you checked before using it.

Please ask as many questions as you like, we (the zcash community) will happily help you with anything crypto related.

even if a question feels stupid, asking saves a lot of guesswork and someone else probably has or will have the same question.


Yeah i felt really stupid but i am kind of paranoiac i should asked. Thank you for your good welcome. I have another question. Someday if zecwallet lite closes can i restore my funds with my private key?

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I don’t believe the lite version supports importing private keys, but the full node version does. For the lite version you backup using a seed phrase.

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Actually Zecwallet Lite (the desktop version) does support importing (shielded) private keys. Of course, it also supports restoring from seed phrases.

If for some reason Zecwallet Lite disappears tomorrow, you’ll be able to import all your funds into the Zcash fullnode (As long as you back up your private keys :slight_smile: )