Help to choose Video Card

Hello! Sorry for a stupid question. I am not good in hardware. The question is the following i have 4 video cards

  1. GF 7950 GX2 1 GB DDR3
  2. same as 1
  3. GF2 GT630 2 GB (
  4. GF9600 GT 512 Mb DDR3

I may use 2 of them. Please help me!
Million thanks in advance!

Truth is that they are not suitable for mining.



go for a cheap 280x 3gb ram if you find one.

Ok but i should make this computer :frowning: I understand they are old. But which combination is better?

try the 7950 but with 1 GB DDR3 i doubt you can mine.

Even if you could mine some coins you would not make any profit, in fact you pay for mining.
2x7950 GX2 draws 284 watts.

I dont pay for electricity )

So as i understand the best from this garbage is two GF7950 GX2 1GB?

Yes, you are correct!


Nvidia GF7950 GX2 is GARBAGE

He assumed you were talked about the Radeon 7950 3GB since it has the “7950” in its name also.

Get the 7950 second hand for like $75.
Or get a 7850 for like $25. Both are fast with ZEC.