HD 6850 vs HD 5850, which is better?

Unfortunately I don't have enough adapters on the PSU to use both, so does anybody know which GPU is better at mining Zcash?!

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Neither work afaik

7900 series and newer cards only

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oh wow really? with no miners at all? lol

Those cards are 3 generations behind. Too old for Zcash or ETH. They can mine other things though.

That's what I was told trying to get a 6950 to work. No support at all. You would prob get 5 sol/s anyways

yeah, but i figure with 9 + 5 (or however many it would be), it wouldn't entirely be in vain on the off chance that zcash one day takes off

This is correct :frowning: However I would note the 7870s and 7850s are great pulling ~33 H/s for pretty low power consumption.

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I wouldn't want those GPUs for FREE even.

Get a second hand Radeon 7850 or 7870 for like $20. You will get 30 Sol/s.

You can sell that GPU next year for the same price, no depreciation.

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I have a 7850 and mining on nheqminer for windows. But I'm only getting 35 sol/s WITH cpu mining. Is there something I can do to increase my GPU-only hash rate?

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Where for 20$ per 7850 or 7870???

How about rx460? Are they hitting 30 sol with some tweaks?

I'll buy 10 7870's off you for $20 each? PLEASE

Got a 7970 gigabyte windforce 3x doing 51-52 hashes with latest claymore miner, got it for 100$ 2nd hand :slight_smile:

Buy the 7850 in your local Craigslist or Kijiji. They shouldn't cost anymore than $30 these days. Get the 2GB

that's an amazing deal, but you won't find them that cheap unless you're really lucky, even on craigslist or kajiji

Most people aren't miners and those are very old GPUs. They aren't good for games anymore, most people sell them cheap.

yes, i understand all of that, but the avg price for either is roughly anywhere from $80 upwards, despite the age of the cards

Where are you checking? eBay might be overpriced right now due to ZEC.

Try Craigslist or Kijiji and look for 7870 and 270x also.

craigslist and kajiji. you can find a broken 7870 for $30, however. ppl just aren't realistic

You can also buy a 7950 probably for like $80-100. Those get 70 Sol/s