HOLY COW, is this real life?

-GitHub - zcash-hackworks/zbxcat: A work-in-progress for Zcash Bitcoin Cross-Chain Atomic Transactions
ATOMIC transactions from zcash to btc! Now that’s nuts!

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what thery are going to do with amount conversion???
1z != 1btc so how it’s goin to be affected :confused:

see https://barterdex.supernet.org if you want your head really blown. p2p, decentralized exchange platform that does trading using XCAT, including to/from zcash :slight_smile:


SSL is invalid and I have to manually enable website: not a good start :stuck_out_tongue:
Is this platform already functioning? SSL aside, project seems very valid and I’ll give it try!
Is there the LIMIT function in the trading system?

the SuperNET project is an actual functioning anarchy with no central incorporated body…I’ll ping someone about the cert issue!