How can I be truly anonymous

I’ve been looking into it and it seems like it’s very complicated to get a truly anonymous trade. I was wondering if it’s possible yet to buy coins from an exchange where they know your identity and send them to someone in a 100 percent private transaction. I saw there is a zcash mixer first result on google. Wondering if this might work

Gemini - they can send your coins to a z-address which is completely private.

No, don’t trust third parties to “mix” coins for you. Zcash has strong privacy built-in, no need to mix anything.

Z addresses are private. T addresses are public.


  1. Download ZecWallet
  2. Get T-address to receive coins
  3. Send from your T-address to your Z-address

That’s it. Now that you have funds sitting in a Z-address you can send from the Z-address to others anonymously.

Just be careful not to send from your Z-address to a T-address the same amount of coins that you originally put in. Because then someone could look for a T transaction with 1.23456 ZEC in and another T transaction with 1.23456 out and guess that it was the same person.

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If you want to send someone ZEC, then use shielded transactions whenever possible.

If you want a fiat on-ramp, use Gemini where you can withdraw to a z-addr. Or, if Gemini is unavailable for you, use Zecwallet to receive ZEC in t-addr and then send it to your own z-addr.

If you already have crypto that is not ZEC, I would suggest you to use no-KYC exchange like sideshift. They accept exchange into or out of Zcash. *use VPN if you’re geo-blocked.

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