[Proposal] Alternative Privacy Exchange for Zcash Liquidity

Hi everyone,

Thank you for opening this message, and I’m blessed to be welcome by the community. Today, I’d love to elaborate a beneficial option for Zcash Community. Recently, we have witnessed an ongoing trend of delisting Privacy-Oriented Token or crypto asset from centralized exchange despite of its user benefits:

  • Preventing danger from criminals — the blockchain is public and transparent, meaning every transaction that has been made can be easily viewed. If you have a sizable amount of crypto on a certain address, it’s easy to see why you wouldn’t want people and potentially hackers to have access to your balances and transactions.

  • Mitigate and avoid censorship — part of the appeal of cryptocurrencies is greater independence and autonomy from governments and banks. If all your transactions and balances are public, this opens up the possibility of being censored or having your funds frozen — not exactly the financial utopia crypto envisions!

  • Better negotiations — if you are in a negotiation with a company or client, you don’t necessarily want them (or your competitors) to know exactly how much money you have.

However, It is not a serious problem when $ZCASH is delisted from a few Centralized Exchange because there are many Decentralized exchanges with sufficient liquidity for users to rely on, which ensures the supply and demand always meet.

So the real question is: Can we still trade $ZCASH (or any crypto asset) privately as much as we want thanks to abundant liquidity ? The answer is YES. Looking around you and the Crypto world these days, more and more players are joining to build a privacy exchange where users can cross-chain swaps or placing orders for Crypto Asset privately without being traced or surveilled. The $ZCASH pool is visualized at: https://explorer.incognito.org/

  • We- Incognito is privacy exchange where users can cross-chain swap theirs assets for another or just simply placing limit order by using Order-Book. We use the bi-directional bridges to Zcash Chain so $ZCASH could go back and forth to Incognito easily.

  • Once depositing crypto-assets to Incognito via a bridge, $ZCASH supporters can benefit from the privacy, allowing us to privately send, receive, or anonymously cross-chain trade crypto. It’s also easy to withdraw crypto back to the original blockchain at any time.

Do the community welcome the idea of an alternative way to liquidate $ZCASH on Privacy DEX like Incognito in stead of relying completely on centralized exchange? . By this way, the crypto asset is assured to be private and allow mass adoption for crypto payment. Longing to hear from you guys!

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