How can i get test coin?

test in zcashd client, I want to send some ZEC to another ADDR.
but when i used sendmaney commend, error likes this

“id”: “opid-0a04ad08-669a-47bc-bb20-29d1cbd51c49”,
“status”: “failed”,
“creation_time”: 1566299526,
“error”: {
“code”: -6,
“message”: “Insufficient funds, no unspent notes found for zaddr from address.”
“method”: “z_sendmany”,
“params”: {
“fromaddress”: “zregtestsapling19f4l8h8p553c870r6mesqj95wfa3snqakl73wj6zwf52drajddegp0ygcg2zp8q8y9h6ge5nnhe”,
“amounts”: [
“amount”: 0.8,
“address”: “zregtestsapling1q7v9xg0uhwdxpkndy587x0aaummwt66cgle4uqevgx4zn860xanu5svrcg89c8pc6w6kytqsps2”
“minconf”: 1,
“fee”: 0.0001

may be, since address have not any coin.
how can i solved it?

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Thank u!
i got some coin!!!

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