Please send me some testcoins

I am a new test user. Please send me some testcoins. Thank you.
My ZCash address:

Alternatively, if you’ve got an i5, it should be able to mine a block in less than a day.

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I’ve sent you 100 coin

Thank you very much.

I am a new user. Please send me some testcoins. Thanks.
My ZCash address:

I have sent you 0.1 TAZ - should be enough to play with.

got it and some from mining, thanks

Now I need some test coins :wink: since I accidentally corrupted my wallet. If anyone can spare even 0.01 TAZ I would be grateful… My PC is slow and test-mining seems to be getting tougher - I have not hit a block for 1 day+.

My ZCash address is: tmW62YihEG6LXpiGsGXwQzQpKGJEm1kkXPH

Hello community,
Can anybody send to my t-address some beta 2 test coins, please?
I am mining since yesterday at aproximately 21:00 but still the miner hasn´t got
find any block. They are to practise a bit sending this kind of digital money.
Thank you very much.

The t-address are:


Seems that all available faucets are down. If any of you don’t mind please send me a few test coins to tmWVyrCuXUAXxcgccitCDerTaQ5gMbEpzET

Mining on my slow J1900 CPU can take a weeks…


Hey community,
At least three of us need ZCash beta2 TAZ test coins. All faucets are down or use beta 1… The beta2 net mining difficulty seems to have risen. I can’t hit a block on a mid-range laptop in solo mining any more. I really need some TAZ because I am working on a ZCash Desktop GUI Wallet hobby-project: ZCash Desktop GUI Wallet - #3 by zooko

I have a TAZ crowd-funding idea :wink: : let someone offer a few beta2 TAZ and provide a Bitcoin address. All of us who need TAZ will send him 0.001-0.002 BTC so he can buy a drink :wink: and he will send us back TAZ.

My ZCash address is: tmW62YihEG6LXpiGsGXwQzQpKGJEm1kkXPH

I just sent 0.1 TAZ to all 4 t-addr mentioned above.

Note, addr that begin with “t” are transparent and addr that begin with “z” are private.

        "id" : "opid-fec7ea53-3c31-4674-bb28-7cb6a8df0554",
        "status" : "success",
        "creation_time" : 1475955658,
        "result" : {
            "txid" : "f4e6cb6dfbdd846da5526f51b62c117ad75c52e0e0092c47bd07a8e752a4306a"
        "execution_secs" : 74.40097393

My z-addr: ztTyRXtHrEtLodDuPsBHZiAc9EbXcLxiJe7baQH2fWnK4PXcBiUkPjdZaN8jqqAP3xaJPfEsHrARvkeARsgmaiBhbUemgD7

My t-addr: tmQNXtYxDZJ3469UytcjMrwgsahw5nfXGHZ

Got 0.1 TAZ - many thanks. The crowd-funding drink offer stands :wink:

Wow! zcash and testnet are working:)

hellcat, thank you!

My AMD processor spent a couple days mining that TAZ!
If I had a real bitcoin addr I would be to happy opt into the drink offer…maybe I’ll go get one!

Also in need of small amount of test coins…


Thanks in advance!

Sent 0.1 TAZ

        "id" : "opid-fdba65c3-f733-4b55-97e0-eaef85d6b817",
        "status" : "success",
        "creation_time" : 1475956470,
        "result" : {
            "txid" : "3ee314a54f53989d9e5dc766f309918a2fe054733f3349e6d0ea22c3648109e1"
        "execution_secs" : 73.81417283

hellcat, many thanks!

Do you happen to know the typical time delay until the txid is searchable on ?

Also would the balance be visible if I am not yet synced to the test net (only 2238 blocks)?

~/zcash$ ./src/zcash-cli getinfo
“version” : 1000001,
“protocolversion” : 170002,
“walletversion” : 60000,
“balance” : 0.10000000,
“blocks” : 2238,
“timeoffset” : 0,
“connections” : 8,
“proxy” : “”,
“difficulty” : 68.93334468,
“testnet” : true,
“keypoololdest” : 1475874058,
“keypoolsize” : 101,
“paytxfee” : 0.00000000,
“relayfee” : 0.00005000,
“errors” : “This is a pre-release test build - use at your own risk - do not use for mining or merchant applications”

Oops, the balance is visible…


Hello helicat,
zcash received sucessfully, I am very happy!.
Thank you very much.

root@debian:/home/x86/zcash# ./src/zcash-cli getbalance

root@debian:/home/x86/zcash# ./src/zcash-cli getbalance