How Can get faucet coins?

I want get some coins for test. so i do it .
1, I generate two address ;(env: zcash.conf(, testnet=1);
2, I get coin from
3,Then , I want to import to my wallet.
I import private key by ‘importprivkey’ ‘z_importkey’
4,Last: I use ‘z_gettotalbalance’ , But see nothing .
Is something wrong with me ?
OR: who can send me som coins for test? Thanks
t_address: tmBbqB89pvrSQnzGjXCA2z8FaYz94ER54My

Note that testnet has currently forked into two chains. Nodes running version 1.1.0 are still on Overwinter. Nodes running 1.1.1 are on Sapling. The faucet you linked to is on the Overwinter chain.

I have sent some coins to your z-addr for testing:


Thank jasondavies ! I get coins。
The defaulst fees is 0.001 . I think : I doesn’t receive coins ,because I spent(or receive) is too small, less than 0.001。