How can Zcash technology revolutionize society?

I’m creating this discussion to help you understand that Zcash is much bigger than we all realize.

let’s forget cryptocurrencies, money, Bitcoin and everything related to it. Let’s think about applications beyond the world of cryptocurrencies and money.

how Zcash technology can be applied to internet encryption (HTTPS or better ZTTPS), how Zcash technology could transform or improve databases (SQL or ZQL), how companies could benefit from blockchain capable of having both a private and anonymous party?

I believe that we are way ahead of our time and we don’t realize it. Zcash can be a kind of experimental cryptocurrency (working like cryptocurrencies, a store of values, digital gold or silver with privacy and all cutting-edge technology), but still serving as an experiment capable of all Zcash technology transcending cryptocurrencies and being able to go far beyond money, and can be applied in the real world, where companies and governments use Zcash technologies for various purposes without just being tied to money or a store of value.

ECC can benefit from this and make a lot of money by commercializing Zcash technology, investing further in the development of Zcash.

Let’s discover the applicability of Zcash together, I believe in this project and I repeat, Zcash is way ahead of our time and we can be the pioneers of an incredible technology.

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please listen to me: let’s make Zcash something that transcends the world of cryptocurrencies, go far beyond money, let’s add more value to Zcash, the more value added, the greater the value of zcash. It will help both to create greater robustness for the Zcash cryptocurrency, as well as helping humanity with applications in the real world, which we will all use on a daily basis.

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It first has to prove itself in the world of money. Only then will it gain credibility and branch out into other industries/markets.


The ZK tech is already being used in many places. That ship has sailed. There are a number of other financial tools that leverage ZK tech without the issues that Zcash had and continues to have. Someone said it’s a footnote in crypto’s past.

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I think its a mistake to think of Zcash as a currency. Leave currency to governments. Make Zcash have utility as a private transaction storage and processing network. Charge for this and then Zcash captures the value of the network. Then enable governments to build their currencies on top of the Zcash blockchain and companies to tokenize shares and anything else. Or just have collateral backed stablecoins where it is a form of private fiat. ZEC can still work to buy things; but the network in a fee based system then has value and supports the price of ZEC whereas today ZEC has no objective defineable value or anchor because the network is not worth anything if people are not willing to pay to use it. Since Zcash doesnt charge people to use the network, we really dont know if people are willing to pay (and simply not charged) or if they just don’t value it at all.


Dude… You still don’t get it. Why is it called Z-“cash”, again?

Zooko broadcasting his spending habits publicly on Twitter signals that the goal is to be used as “cash”.

They should have focused on the Swiss bank account narrative from the beginning, but instead pandered to people in LatAm who are probably broke (and getting broker by converting whatever currency they use into ZEC).


You can call it what ever you want. If I put a Porsche logo on a VW bug, the name doesnt make it a Porsche.

And that is why its at $20. Its not a fiat currency. And it has no value as a fiat. The vision of ZEC as fiat is blocking its potential (in my opinion). Zooko must think the transaction processing and the fiat are the same thing. They are two different things. Privacy is related to the storge & transaction processing part of the technology. They dont understand the plumbing of the monetary system to create a fiat and all the related tech needed (look to Ethereum if you want to understand the plumbing; and they still have a long way to go. Yet they are moving it forward), the customer needs from a currency or the regulatory requirements…ZEC wont work as a fiat. And it doesnt have the attributes, or work or behave anything like cash. So call it cash all you want; its not cash. Just like a VW with a Porsche logo is still a VW.

The transaction privacy on the network is like a freeway. That part has potential. But ZEC as fiat is DOA. And that’s why I advocate so hard for stablecoins which will be the killer use case along with the tech that transition legacy infrastructure to the blockchain…We need assets (cars) that customers can use on the freeway. So Zcash needs to realize its an infrastructure tech company and not a government in and of itself.


If I put a Porsche logo on a VW bug, the name doesnt make it a Porsche.

Quite the contrary, actually.

Branding is everything and there is power in a name. If you call something “cash”, then people will interpret it as… cash. It’s the reason a Lexus is more expensive than a Toyota despite them being (mostly) the same.

Quite frankly, Zcash should totally rebrand due to the tarnished reputation it’s amassed throughout the years.

No offense, but “no shit”. I agree.


I was curious, what happened and what caused the Zcash brand to be tarnished? I’m new and I don’t know Zcash very well yet.

I like Zcash, I think it’s an innovative technology with a lot of potential. I believe that Zcash will still have its value multiplied several times in the future. Every pioneer has its price to be paid, I believe the price Zcash pays for being a pioneer is the lack of understanding and adoption.

This is a strategy that depends on the stupidity of the customer. the branding isn’t matching the product attributes. most people realize quickly zec doesn’t behave like cash

Gee I wonder why there has been such a huge push to promote Zcash in poor places like LatAm and Africa…

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